High ropes

Like the low ropes – but much, much higher. You’ll feel on top of the world!

When you see the high ropes for the first time, you’ll gulp… The course is made of telegraph poles with ropes, steel and wire, all strung about twelve meters (forty feet) above the ground. So – who dares to give it a go?

You’ll be togged up in a full safety harnesses and helmet, and attached to a belaying line, so if you fall, we can let you down gently.

It’s a challenge you’ll be proud that you tried, but it’s fun too.

How does it work? Well, if you want to do team games, we can play the crate stack challenge, Jacobs’s ladder and the high ‘all aboard’.

If you want to work individually, you can try the incline log, the fan descender and the trapeze. To add extra spice, why not play imagination games, invent new challenges – or go blindfolded?

Talk to us to find out what’s best for your group.

Min Age: Year 6

Y JB 10

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