Fantasy Trail/ Night Line

Deadly creatures, hidden traps and squelchy mud. But you won’t see them, you’ll be blindfolded!

Night line can be done at night, or using a blindfold during the day (blindfolds are optional).


You’ll follow a rope that leads you through the woods and along a stream. You’ll squelch through mud swamps, wriggle under nets, crawl over trees and squirm through tunnels. BUT – you’ll have to trust your team-mates, pass on clear instructions, and make sure everyone is safe – helping each other when you can.

We can run this activity in different ways, have a chat with us and we can make it fit what you’d like to achieve.

Night line takes place in the woods, a short walk from the Centre.

Yr 3 upwards.


Scramble up through the woods and you’ll find a long strip of woodland. Follow the ropes, and pick your way over old tyres, wriggle through tubes, scramble under nets and over massive ‘spider webs’. There are see-saws, old mattresses, muddy swamps and swaying bridges to negotiate.

Does that sound like fun? It’s even better blindfolded, or tackling it all at night (Night Line). We’ll provide the blindfolds and safety helmets. 

You can use the fantasy trail for descriptive writing, communication skills, team-work, confidence building, or just letting off steam.

Suitable for all ages (Night Line is usually for older students)


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