Team Building/ Games

Dare you trust your mates? Will they dunk you in the raging river…? Or will you drop them first?

Team building

You and your team will be set various challenges to complete around the Centre. You’ll only be successful if you work together. Will you all fit through the spiders’ web, cross the raging river or navigate your way safely over the ice on your skis? You will be briefed on each activity and it’s down to you and your team to work out how to complete each challenge.

Team games

We will play some good old fashioned games to get you working together. Can you capture the flag or dodge a ball?

We have all sorts of activities based around the Centre, and we’re always inventing new ones.

Games are great for developing communication skills and team work. They’re a fun way to build up fitness and self esteem, and of course, they are terrific fun.

We have a huge selection of team games and challenges on offer. You can pick and choose what you’d like to do, based on what want to achieve. These games can be put together to create mini-tournaments to earn points, or to ‘buy’ equipment to build a rocket (for example). These are also great for team building, co-operation and skills assessment. It’s your challenge, we can help you make it whatever you’d like it to be!

Suitable for all

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