Pond Dipping

Who lives in here? Take it up gently and say ‘hello’.

Walk out from the Centre through the nearby nature reserve until you get to the stream and ponds. Use your nets to catch what you can, and work out what you have got using the identification sheets. Don’t forget to wear your wellies and put everything back at the end.

The stream and ponds are in Blackmoor Nature reserve, a short walk from the Centre through the rough ground mined by the Romans and Victorians.

On your way, why not have a look under the roofing felt and metal sheets to see if you can spot an adder! This is a great way to learn about nature. Who cares whether you get dirty and wet! That’s part of the fun

Age range?


Who lives in here? Take it up gently and say ‘hello’.

Ponds and streams are just water, right?

No! Take a closer look with our collecting pots, nets, spoons and magnifying lenses. You’ll discover whole worlds (ecosystems) with thousands of different creatures you might never have dreamed of. Some have shells or long wiggly legs; a few are slimy and others build their homes to look like art. They are all fascinating, whether you’re 5, 15, or even 50! 

Suitable for all ages


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