It looks impossible. Spider Man can do it, can you?

Everyone knows that Spider Man and Jackie Chan have special abilities, but are you sure you don’t too? Come climbing and find out!

Climbing up the Mendips’ magnificent limestone rocks is thrilling and challenging. You have to think, but be strong and agile too. You’ll have all the equipment you need: a helmet, a harness and strong ropes. We’ve got easy beginners’ rocks near the Centre, but we can also take you in the minibus to more difficult climbs further afield.

It doesn’t matter whether you reach the top or not, just having a go will be exhilarating, and the views will take your breath away. You’ll be working with a partner, looking after each other’s safety, for while one climbs, the other will manage the belaying lines and control the climber’s descent to the ground. Then you swap.

Climbing is fantastic. You’ll never regret having a go. You’ll feel on top of the world.

Age range

It looks impossible. Spider Man can do it, can you?

The wall is 13′ high with a safe fall area all the way around. It presents challenges for every level of competence from absolute beginner to experienced climber.  All roped safety procedures are introduced and practised as students learn the skill of climbing, belaying and lowering.  Climbing helmets and sit harnesses are supplied by Kilve Court. Wrong wall – only advertise the big wall now.

Min Age:

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