Get swallowed by a swallet, try chimney-ing without a fire, and look for crystals in pools behind stone curtains.

We’ll give you a fancy caving over-suit, a belt with a battery, and a snazzy helmet. For your feet, you’ll be given the latest in grippy wellies. Who cares whether it’s all a bit muddy? Once everyone’s togged up, we’ll drive you to Burrington Coombe, then we’ll walk up to the cave mouth.

Standing inside the Mendip hills, there are lots of routes and passageways to be explored.

You’ll have to slide on your bottom, crawl and wriggle through muddy passages and you’ll be glad you’re wearing such ‘fashionable’ clothes. Then comes the moment when all the headlamps are turned off and you experience total darkness… Of course you’re not scared, you’re grinning! Try it – you’ll get hooked

Min age:

Location: Burrington Combe


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