In olden days, there were no shops!

What if Kilve didn’t sell pencils? What if you were alone in the woods at night and needed a fire? We’ll take you to the woods to learn how to make pencils, whistles and charcoal. You’ll learn how to light a fire, roast a marshmallow, and get to grips with the basics of survival. Our woods are filled with wonderful opportunities for art, music and all sorts of creativity. Come and see what you can do!


One match challenge

Strike a light!

Have you ever watched your barbeque sausages go soggy in the rain while a grown-up struggles to get the charcoal alight with firelighters and fancy gadgets? We bet you can do it with ONE match – or a flint and steel – or a magnifying glass! On the One Match Challenge you can even try rubbing sticks together to get a spark – it can be done! Those who succeed get to toast themselves a marshmallow!

This can be made more or less challenging to best suit the ability of the group, good to know if bringing mixed year groups. Learn about the fire triangle, different structures of fires, sometimes using a match for the very first time, all in a safe environment. It’s a bit of physics in a forest school setting, but it’s also fun and safe.

suitable for yr 1 upwards.

Location: fire pit, on-site / inside fireplace if too wet.


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