Beach visit

Wild, wet and wonderful. Great for fossils, falling in rock pools and making up poetry.

Kilve beach is best at low tide, but it’s a fascinating place at any time. We can show you fossils that are millions of years old, or you can wade in rock pools, lift the seaweed and discover who’s home today. But if you prefer art or writing, you can make beach sculptures, or find inspiration for stories and poems.

The beach visit is a half-day session but can also be a whole day (as students don’t usually want to leave). Your group can do their own thing and we’re happy to transport you – or we can do the teaching as well. We are happy to run fossil hunting, beach art or sculpture, rock pool observation sessions.

Due to the nature of the beach, it can be slightly tricky (but not impossible) for less physically able students. Click here, and have a chat with us about what you’d like to do.

Suitable for all ages.

Location: Kilve beach, Kilve.

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